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Elevate, Inc. Welcomes Convene

March 12, 2019

Elevate, Inc. is excited to broadcast their newest partnership with Convene Incorporated. Convene is a software engineering company committed to being a true partner to their customers, helping them increase competitive advantage through the use of innovative technologies. Founded in 2006, Karthik Viswanathan, the president, started Convene as a result of being a buyer of these... Read More »

Veteran Banker Cami Gibertini Joins Pilot Bank

March 12, 2019

Written by Pilot Bank Tampa, Florida, March 1,  2019 – Pilot Bank is pleased to announce well-known banker in Tampa Bay, Cami Gibertini has joined Pilot Bank as Senior Vice President/Retail Executive.  Cami is best known for leading the dynamic Women in Business Program, which she was instrumental in developing for USAmeriBank/Valley Bank. Cami will... Read More »

ANR Treating Tampa Bay

March 12, 2019

#TeamElevate is proud of our clients at the ANR Clinic. The ANR Clinic is bettering our bay by extending a cutting-edge treatment that are helping to fight opioid dependency in our community. ANR stands for Accelerated Neuro-Regulation. A medical procedure that accelerates and eliminates the withdrawal syndromes and cravings of opioid dependency. Having performed over... Read More »

Elevate Inc. Welcomes Expedite Legal

March 12, 2019

Elevate, Inc. is proud to welcome Expedite Legal aboard our growing list of clientele! Expedite has come to our bay to #HelpOurCity by providing an invaluable resource for attorneys, paralegals, court reporters and other legal service providers. Their goal is to increase productivity and profitability for everyone. Who doesn’t want a more profitable tomorrow? They... Read More »

Workscapes, Inc. Hosts Herman Miller Insight Preview Event

March 12, 2019

Workscapes is dedicated to creating great spaces for people to work, learn and heal. As a certified Herman Miller dealer, the team has access to invaluable data-based research and insight into the latest shifts in the industry. Herman Miller is launching a series of Insightful events to explore how prevailing workplace trends are impacting workplace... Read More »

Elevate Inc. Welcomes PCS-USA.

March 12, 2019

Elevate Inc. is happy to welcome aboard PC Solutions. PCS opened in Miami in 1995 and Is now here #HelpingOurCity by providing valuable services that simplify technology. With locations in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and our very own state of Florida they strive to provide invaluable partnerships to their clients. As a certified Minority/Women owned business... Read More »

Onicx Construction Partners With the Elevate, Inc. Team

March 12, 2019

Elevate, Inc. is excited to announce its partnership with Onicx! Onicx, based in Tampa, FL, is a full-service real estate company, provides end to end solutions from development, program and construction management, to asset and property management. With years of experience, Onicx is dedicated to doing more, putting their customers’ vision and goals first. As... Read More »

Finance CAPE Getting Young Entrepreneurs Ready For Retirement 

March 12, 2019

#TeamElevate is proud of our client Finance CAPE and all that they are doing to better the Tampa Bay area. Finance CAPE is Tampa’s affluent Financial Concierge. They guide clients to solutions that potentially lower taxes, increase profits and maximize wealth. With many areas of focus, Finance CAPE finds it important to remind young professionals and... Read More »

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“Elevate, Inc. is consistently delivering new strategies for personal and professional growth and has a management team that is more plugged into the community than none I have ever seen. Aakash Patel is the guy to know if you want to speak with that government leader, that radio show, that newspaper—he’s the one!”

‘H’John Mejia - Host - InTheZoneTV

"Bravo to the team at Elevate, Inc. who are consistently proactive in providing connections for the betterment of our business.  Well known and respected in the industry, Elevate has been instrumental in creating new connections with the media and with industry leaders.”

Jason Ashton - CallPass Tech/CallPass M2M Solutions Inc

“Aakash Patel is one of the most talented, thoughtful, and thorough professionals I’ve ever worked with. Intensity and passion for creating useful, stable solutions is unmatched. Every project shines brighter when Aakash Patel is involved.”

Niki Patel, Owner - Ikin Development, Inc

"The team at Elevate, Inc. is excellent at making sustainable, long-term relationships. Through Elevate, I have been connected to incredible business leaders as well as innovators that have assisted in the growth and development of Carmel Kitchen."

Alex Sullivan, Partner - Carmel Kitchen