Pricing and Tiers

At Elevate, our strategy is simple and effective. Our client’s goal is assessed early on by gaining an understanding of what defines success. We offer multiple tiers of services, each tailored to delve into your business model and potential for network growth, useful connections, and relationship building.

180 Minute Altitude Analysis x 1

  1. Customized Assessment of your Learn, Connect and Grow Capability
  2. Deep dive questionnaire
  3. 180 minute customized session with Aakash
  4. 10 key introductions based on strategic analysis and the Elevate, Inc. Network
  5. Strategic recommendations you can take action on immediately.
  6. Dedicated Altitude Concierge to guide you through the process.
  • $3,000

Elevated Exposure

  1. Altitude Analysis
  2. Dedicated Social Concierge leads on knowing your business and producing social media, blog writing, and follow-up support
  3. Monthly
    1. Networking support and strategic event selection
    2. Exposure through the Elevate, Inc. Network
    3. 60 key introductions through the Elevate, Inc. Team and Network
    4. One key Introduction by Aakash
    5. Elevate, Inc. team strategy session to review your progress
  4. Bi-monthly Advisory Council Meeting
  5. Attending one community event with Aakash and team every quarter
  • $3,000/month for 6, 12 and 18 months (paid monthly)

Premier Summit

  1. Altitude Analysis
  2. Dedicated Social Concierge to guide any social or event attendance needs
  3. Monthly
    1. Two dedicated networking events with Aakash personally introducing you to attendees.
    2. 60 strategic introductions by Aakash
    3. Deep dive into your core business strategies with insights and recommendations from Aakash
    4. Attending one high profile community event, featured with Aakash
  4. Ongoing deep relationship building with Aakash’s own network
  5. Aakash provides two board member position recommendations per contract
  • $5,000/month for 6, 12 and 18 months (paid monthly)

Strategic Business Elevation – Includes all of the above.

  • $7,500/month for 6, 12 and 18 months (paid monthly)

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“Elevate, Inc. is consistently delivering new strategies for personal and professional growth and has a management team that is more plugged into the community than none I have ever seen. Aakash Patel is the guy to know if you want to speak with that government leader, that radio show, that newspaper—he’s the one!”

‘H’John Mejia - Host - InTheZoneTV

"Bravo to the team at Elevate, Inc. who are consistently proactive in providing connections for the betterment of our business.  Well known and respected in the industry, Elevate has been instrumental in creating new connections with the media and with industry leaders.”

Jason Ashton - CallPass Tech/CallPass M2M Solutions Inc

“Aakash Patel is one of the most talented, thoughtful, and thorough professionals I’ve ever worked with. Intensity and passion for creating useful, stable solutions is unmatched. Every project shines brighter when Aakash Patel is involved.”

Niki Patel, Owner - Ikin Development, Inc

"The team at Elevate, Inc. is excellent at making sustainable, long-term relationships. Through Elevate, I have been connected to incredible business leaders as well as innovators that have assisted in the growth and development of Carmel Kitchen."

Alex Sullivan, Partner - Carmel Kitchen