“Elevate Inc, Aakash Patel, Lauren Albert and team have been phenomenal to work with. They do a great job of connecting individuals both professionally and personally to increase brand awareness, visibility and accessibility in the greater Tampa marketplace. We strongly recommend partnering with them for any companies or individuals looking to expand their circle of influence in the Greater Tampa Area. ”

Jason Ashton – CallPass Tech/CallPass M2M Solutions Inc

“Aakash Patel and the Elevate team have a great formula to provide success and establish long standing relationships. My time spent within the local business community has never been more rewarding. Elevate’s comprehensive program enabled me to refine existing efforts and develop new areas of representation. The customized approach Elevate was able to successfully implement allowed me to develop a more focused and meaningful social network. Simply put; the strategic direction and relationships developed are invaluable and now fundamental parts of my practice. ”

Lauren Silva – Silva & Associates

“Bravo to the team at Elevate, Inc. who are consistently proactive in providing connections for the betterment of our business. Well known and respected in the industry, Elevate has been instrumental in creating new connections with the media and with industry leaders. The contacts through Elevate are numerous and professionally beneficial. The staff is always available to us. We enjoyed working with the Elevate team and will definitely keep them in mind for our future business needs.”

John C Garcia – World Wide Medical Services Inc.

“After meeting Aakash Patel, Lauren Albert and the rest of the team, it wasn’t long before I too became another one of their many happy clients. Whether we are out at events or casually sitting at Oxford Exchange, the Elevate team is always promoting our brand, and it pays off! If you’re looking to dive into the who’s who of Tampa Bay, Elevate, Inc. is the only way to go. They have helped mold and develop a strategy at Trinity Graphic to encourage thinking out of the box. Key introductions have been made to introduce us to business that are in the market for our creative services. Simply put, our desire for additional exposure has been met due to the efforts of Elevate.”

Greg Barba – Trinity Graphic

“Continental Wholesale Diamonds is pleased to announce that we have signed a renewal contract with Team Elevate. We have been very pleased with the exposure that Team Elevate has been able to help us achieve, it has put our company in the spotlight in many important areas of Tampa. Aakash and Lauren are easy to contact and always available. they are personally at most events and make sure that the proper connections are made. There are very few people that Aakash does not know in Tampa and just as important, they know him. We are thrilled to continue on this journey with Team Elevate helping us to expand our network.”

Andrew Meyer – Continental Wholesale Diamonds

“As a consultant getting my start in Tampa, I needed connections and clients – and I needed them fast. Aakash and his team plugged me into the community and immediately expanded my social circles with targeted introductions to high-level prospects. It would have taken me a decade to make these connections on my own. Elevate, Inc. was extremely responsive, often getting back to me within minutes. The most valuable thing I gained from hiring this team was not just the introductions made, it was learning how to plug myself into the community. Hiring Elevate, Inc. was one of the best business decisions I’ve made and I recommend them to everyone I meet who needs to supercharge their business connections.”

Shawn Rhodes – President of Shoshin Consulting

“Aakash is definitely Tampa Bay’s most connected man. If you are looking to meet the Bay area’s most influential leaders, Aakash is the man that can make the introductions!”

Glenn Sanchez – Saint Leo University

“Working with the Elevate, Inc. team has launched me into a new networking and social media strategy that has benefitted me greatly by meeting new business contacts I otherwise would have never met. Aakash and his staff made it easy for me to expand my business circle and acquire new business as a pro photographer, I am indebted to them for opening new doors. Because of Elevate, Inc., I have a discovered a deep appreciation for this great city of Tampa and its vibrant business community!”

Rick Tauceda – Photographer

“Elevate, Inc. provided me with top-notch guests for my live radio show on 1250 WHNZ. The network Elevate, Inc. holds helped push my show from 1 day a week (12pm time) to a 5 day a week (8-9am time), and assisted in re-branding my show into That Business Show with Jamie Meloni. The response from the Tampa Bay community and business leaders has been outstanding.”

Jamie Meloni – That Business Show 1250am WHNZ

“Aakash has an incredible business sense, unlimited connections and passion for the Tampa Bay Community. His desire to help small business increase brand awareness and develop social media networking connections attributed to our beginnings at EZclean.com. I would strongly recommend Elevate to any company starting out or looking to rebrand.”

Stephanie Skillman – EZclean Team Member – EZclean.com

“Elevate, Inc. stands out from the rest because they focus less on typical public relations and more on personal and community relations. Aakash Patel has always been easily accessible and reachable any time, any day. He’s helped us market our vision to the community—which is to be a one stop, full service shop for your insurance needs.”

Jason Levy – President – Professional Insurance Services

“Aakash’s proven expertise in the business world combined with his growing clientele of non-profits is exactly what our foundation needed! We’ve been featured in several of Tampa’s publications and on ABC’s Positively Tampa Bay. His ability to open doors and put us in front of business and government leaders in the Tampa Bay area has helped our foundation tremendously.”

Derek Pupello – CEO – FORE (Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education)

“Elevate, Inc. is consistently delivering new strategies for personal and professional growth and has a management team that is more plugged into the community than none I have ever seen. Aakash Patel is the guy to know if you want to speak with that government leader, that radio show, that newspaper—he’s the one!”

‘H’John Mejia – Host – InTheZoneTV

“Aakash Patel is one of the most talented, thoughtful, and thorough professionals I’ve ever worked with. Intensity and passion for creating useful, stable solutions is unmatched. Every project shines brighter when Aakash Patel is involved.”

Niki Patel, Owner – Ikin Development, Inc

“Aakash is one of the GREAT people in the Tampa Bay Area. Always a pleasure to see and speak with him, he has an incredible way about him, always a smile, a warm greeting, and a true please to see!!”

Ron MacDougall – Resort Host/Certified Concierge – Don CeSar Beach Resort, A Loews Hotel

“Aakash is a machine, but maintains a genuine touch with everything he does. This is a winning formula and the reason Elevate is an essential part of my team. SendHub’s footprint in Tampa is growing fast because of Aakash.”

Garrett Johnson – Co-Founder ~ SendHub – 2006 Rhodes Scholar

“Aakash is a driven, energetic professional who puts his talents to use to “elevate” his clients and assist them in achieving their goals.”

Rhea F. Law – CEO and Chair of the Board – Fowler White Boggs

“Aakash is “connected” in the Tampa community! Investing in the community is something a company must do to be successful. Knowing how and what to invest in is what Aakash brings to the table. He is part of the team and can help focus and be smart about investing your hard earned dollars.”

Mark House – Managing Director – Beck

“I have known Aakash for the past 3 years and have worked with him on a number of projects in the community and region. Actually, he is one of the most active professionals I know – young or seasoned – and he consistently delivers what is promised – or more. He has an amazing skill for getting others involved in the organizations he works with and leverages those relationships so that everyone “wins” in the process.”

Renee Vaughn – President – Williams Consulting Group – Elevate Advisory Board Member

“If you need to meet someone or find out what’s happening in the Tampa Bay area, Aakash Patel is the person to contact. He’s quick to respond, extremely personable and caring. He makes sure the right people are connected and that’s an art in itself. If he ever decides to go into politics I’m voting for him!”

John Byczek – Northwestern Mutual – Managing Director-North Tampa

“Aakash Patel is not only a scholar but also a true gentleman… and I am proud to be associated with him. He is one of Tampa Bay’s up and coming bright young leaders. He is a true community leader and continues to be instrumental in the social and economic fabric of Tampa’s business community. On behalf of Tampa Bay’s international community – thank you Aakash for all you do!”

Derek Lloyd – President – Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce, Tampa Bay

“I appreciate the ability that Aakash has to professionally generate and maintain relationships with folks throughout the community. Aakash has a genuine sincerity that is evident in all that he does and with everyone that he meets, irrespective of their direct or indirect relation to the objectives at hand. He is truly an asset to the specific cause he is representing, and further, pleasant to be around.”

Phil Baker – VP Construction Services – Phillips Development and Realty, LLC

“Aakash is an energetic and positive guy who has a way of getting things done! He’s networked to an amazing array of key people throughout Florida. If you need something done Aakash can either do it for you or help you find the person who can. Watch this young man as he’ll go far!”

Rod Jurado, CPT – Managing Director – The Profitable Group

“I have had the privilege of working with Aakash and helping him with the communication needs of his company. Aakash is hands down the best networking partner that I have met. There is not a better person to be at the helm of a company like Elevate.”

Sidney Morgan – COO – JSA HealthCare, Inc. – Elevate Advisory Board Member

“Aakash is genuine, full of integrity, and extremely loyal. These values have earned him an unprecedented level of respect across the entire Tampa Bay region. Aakash and I have teamed up on several state, city and military initiatives. Most recently, we joined a distinguished delegation of Tampa Civic Leaders to tour the US Southern Command which included visits to Guantanamo Bay, Joint InterAgency Task Force-South in Key West and the Headquarters in Miami. Currently, we are embracing several evolving issues central toward economic development, image/branding, support to our military and non-profit ventures that include support to wounded military families. With Aakash, you get sincerity and pride – you get a warm arm around your shoulder – all reassuring you, success is right around the corner. Aakash does not give up. He follows through and he teams up with others to ensure the job will get done. “Your Goals are Aakash’s Goals” – he is there for you – no personal motives, no ambitions… he’s totally focused on your initiatives. That’s why he’s also such a good friend!”

Brig Gen Chip Diehl (USAF, ret) – Diehl & Associates – Managing Director

“When it comes to Tampa Bay, Aakash and his team are a tremendous source of valuable connections. He is an expert at networking and community relations and if you want to form business and civic relationships, look no further. When trying to “plug in” to the Tampa Bay network and make a difference in this community, Aakash is the person to call.”

Scott K. Edinger – President – Edinger Consulting Group

“I remember the first time I met Aakash five years ago. I remember it because the first words out of his mouth were: “What can I do to help you succeed?”. Of the thousands of people I have met in my career, I have heard similar sentiments only a few times, and I remember each of these people. With Aakash, it is sincere and genuine. There is also true value behind these words from Aakash, as he truly enjoys making meaningful connections, while asking nothing in return.”

Steve Mordue – Vice President & COO – Forceworks

“Aakash is a respected, active member of the community who has his pulse on the latest community developments and can open doors that can lead to your business’ success. Aakash and I have been friends for six years and from the moment I met him he has never stopped opening doors for me, introducing me and recommending me. Aakash has a remarkable ability to sincerely remember everyone he meets.”

Ryan Whittemore – Owner – Innoventures Capital, LLC

“I first met Aakash a few years ago in a non-work related gathering and was impressed by his personality and well rounded business acumen. Since then, my personal experience in working with him and the experience of others that I know have used his services, lead to definite consensus as to his professionalism, accessibility, knowledge, and unquestionable integrity. He has a refreshing long term view to marketing and networking always placing high priority on his clients’ lasting interests and well being. If you have not worked with Aakash, do so. He is a true professional who understands the Giver’s Gain Philosophy”

Anthony Saravanos – President – Greenleaf Capital

“Aakash is an excellent local resource to connect like-minded individuals looking to improve Tampa Bay. A small business can only grow via its network and referrals and Elevate can assist in making that happen. Aakash is one of those people with an overflow of positive energy and ideas, and his likability has earned him hundreds of trusting, influential friends in the community.”

Gina Morales – Public Relations Manager – Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

“Aakash is well connected, knowledgeable, and very attuned to the community’s needs. He has been excellent to work with and his knowledge and connectedness make him stand out as a leader in Tampa Bay.”

Ronald Weaver – Partner – Stearns Weaver Miller Weissler Alhadeff & Sitterson, P.A.

“Aakash has developed a solid business model based on building lasting relationships with a wide net of proven leaders. He is “the power broker” for connecting people and resources. His energy, focus and keen insight for growth strategies defines him as a strong center of influence in the professional community. ”

Susan Blackburn – Market President – Freedom Bank

“It seems every time I turn around I see Aakash at an event or hear about him in conversation. It got me thinking, ‘why not put those networking skills to work for my business.’ Hiring Aakash’s firm to help me grow my business and increase my brand awareness in the Tampa market was the best decision I have made. Aakash has been making introductions to my ideal target clients and increasing our brand awareness. Aakash’s approach and professionalism has opened a lot of doors for my business. I highly recommend Elevate for any business owner.”

Barry C. Powers – CEO, Owner – Digalign, LLC

“Aakash Patel is the consummate networking professional who is highly skilled at connecting people. He is an asset to the Tampa Bay community, and his professional services will be an asset to your company.”

Brent Britton – Shareholder de la Pena & Holiday – Gray Robinson

“Aakash has provided introductions to individuals that have resulted in long term business partners and clients.”

Scott Price – Managing Director – A-lign CPA’s – Elevate Advisory Board Member

“Aakash is one of the best networkers I have met during my 20+ year business career. He is constantly out in the community meeting with the “who’s who” of Tampa business people and stays on top of local issues. In the past year alone Aakash has been to Israel, Philadelphia, and Cuba with Tampa leaders. His relationships with top local, state and national politicians are top notch. In addition, Aakash’s social networking skills are unmatched. His expertise at Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is amazing. If you have someone you want to meet or you want to grow your business Aakash is the man for the job.”

Edward C. Ellsasser -Owner – PrimeGroup Insurance – Elevate Advisory Board Member

“Aakash has an in depth understanding of the Tampa bay business and civic community. He is a proven leader, and has shown the ability to connect people with solutions. Aakash has proven success at introducing the new generation innovators and entrepreneurs with more established business leaders with outstanding results!”

Alex Sink – Former Statewide Elected Chief Financial Officer – State of Florida

“Aakash stands out because of his internal drive, integrity and passion for his clients. He is a rare individual who has displayed professional acumen beyond his age. His fund of knowledge in concert with his social skills and effortless ability to connect with people sets him apart from all others in the industry.”

Dr. Rahul N. Mehra – CEO/CMO – MehraVista Health

“I have had the honor and pleasure to work with Aakash over the past few years on a number of community projects. I have always been impressed by his passion for community and public service, and I have found him to be a man of good character.”

Chuck Sykes – President & CEO – Sykes Enterprises

“The team at Elevate is connected to the Tampa community unlike anybody else in town. If you need an introduction, chances are, they can make it happen. Thanks to my year-plus working with Elevate, people now say that I’m connected within the community. This might be true, and if so, it’s only because of Elevate.”

Ben Wieder – President of Level 6

“Aakash, along with his team, Ansley and Lauren, made it possible for us to launch our book in Tampa Bay which was new to the market. Credible face to face introductions to all the influential people in the city is a service I wish existed in all the cities we currently work in. We saved time, money, had a lot of fun and made some good friends along the way. Look forward to doing it all again next year.”

Sven Boermeester – Proudly Florida

“Working with Elevate has been a rewarding experience from a networking and goal oriented standpoint. The Elevate group worked closely with me to outline our needs, and worked quickly to put us in touch with the relevant networks to accomplish our goals. Aakash and Lauren were instrumental in making the connections, and we are reaping the benefits of their network. Greatly appreciated, from all of the DQC International family.”

Jim Coble – 13 Fishing

“Elevate is an ideal program for an individual or business seeking to raise its profile in the community through media coverage, documenting and publicizing events, increasing social media engagement and meeting people that may not otherwise cross your path.  If you have reached a stage where you are seeking to elevate your engagement then I recommend contacting Elevate to learn more about what they can do to meet your unique needs.”

Sheryl Hunter, Esquire, Hunter Business Law – The Entrepreneur’s Law Firm ®

“Moving my company from Ft. Lauderdale, I was eager to get plugged in to the Tampa Bay community. Aakash Patel and his team helped me build my network of connections here in Tampa as well as assist me in promoting my company through social media. I am glad I made the decision to work with Elevate, Inc.”

Todd Whalen – President of Eclipse Building Corp

“The team at Elevate, Inc. is excellent at making sustainable, long-term relationships. Through Elevate, I have been connected to incredible business leaders as well as innovators that have assisted in the growth and development of Carmel Kitchen.”

Alex Sullivan – Carmel Kitchen

“ELEVATE is a connection and access machine. They are uniquely able to connect you with media, fellow business people and influential decision makers in industry, government and the non-profit world. If you are new to the Tampa Bay area or expanding your footprint in Florida, there is no better way to get started than to sign up with ELEVATE. Their professional team will also help you to manage your social media platform, which is very difficult for many traditional businesses. They helped us immensely and will do the same for you!”

Sareet Majumdar – President at ICTC Global Manufacturing Solutions

“We retained Elevate to help us with our marketing efforts and they certainly delivered. They get to work fast even before the ink had time to dry on our contract. It is not a one-size fits all approach because a dedicated account manager works with you on YOUR goals and you sit down on a monthly basis with regular communication and interaction. They were able to customize their services to fit the needs of our company in order to become more connected with the Tampa Bay community. Elevate, Inc. has assisted in creating various professional relationships, blogs, and social media content that has helped raise visibility within the Tampa Bay area. Elevate, Inc., helped to provide me the chance to appear on That Business show with Jamie Meloni! Setting up a business in Tampa or need that extra edge? Go ahead, break out of your shyness and give Elevate a call today.”

Kamlesh Darji – President at Greenroots Nutrition

“The Elevate, Inc. team delivers. From brand awareness, business development, investor capital, business partnerships, public relations, to media connections, and more. Aakash Patel is certainly the most connected individual I know from the halls of the Florida Capitol to anywhere in Tampa Bay. Elevate, Inc., consistently provides strategic connections to leaders who can propel your business to the next level. I cannot imagine any business that would not benefit from being an Elevate, Inc. client.”

Chris Pittman, M.D. – Medical Director and CEO, Vein911®
Past President, Florida Medical Association Political Action Committee

“Having been a client over the years- I highly recommend Aakash Patel and team Elevate Inc to any company, organization and individual who is looking to grow their business by being introduced & promoted to companies, top business professionals and leaders in the Tampa Bay area.

Elevate Inc has established a proven and successful platform of helping companies build their brand, meet new prospects and generate new business. They know how to strategically connect you with the right people to get deals done ! Their rolodex is a who’s who of the Tampa Bay area. Just as important, they guide clients to top level events and focus on making personal introductions at these exclusive venues.

The team at Elevate Inc deliver bottom results and I suggest all businesses engage in their unique, results producing services!”

“H” John Mejia – Founder & CEO | Media, Marketing & Business Strategist
In the Zone TV (Video and TV Production Agency)

“As with every process experience in life, there can be excellent outcomes, and there can be opportunities for improvement.

For our business, we were struggling to find the right events and venues that would provide access to attendees who were empowered to commit their business to engage with outside support. Without question, the Elevate Team surpassed our expectation in this area. The number of prospective clients and the relationships we now enjoy has been wonderful. As we adjusted to the cadence of networking events, we realized an opportunity for improvement would be to better target introductions to prospective clients based on the strategy for our growth, resulting in more efficient use of our time.

In summary, the experience working with the Elevate Team was terrific! A very bright, energetic and well-connected Team is what you will receive when you decide to engage with them.”

Tom Estabrook – Senior Partner U.S. Operations
Symplicity Designs

“Working with Aakash, Justin and the Elevate team has been a very productive experience for our firm, Smoak, Chistolini & Barnett.  We hired Elevate to assist our firm with marketing our Labor and Employment Practice and also to introduce one of our new partners to the City of Tampa.  As a client of Elevate, our firm and our partner have made contacts and begun to build relationships in the Tampa Bay community that we would not otherwise have had access to on our own. We look forward to nurturing those relationships and building our client base and would highly recommend working with the Elevate team, whether you are new to the City or want to expand your business network.”

Kelly Charles-Collins – Smoak, Chistolini & Barnett

“Elevate, Inc. was a great addition to our social and digital efforts. They have an effective and systematic approach to networking and then using that system to further integration with social channels – it helped us extend our messaging throughout the Tampa Bay area. The team at Elevate also provided essential social media and blogs relevant to Port Tampa Bay and our latest events. I certainly would recommend Elevate’s services to any business that wishes to become more engaged in the Tampa Bay region.”

Karl Strauch – Vice President of Branding Development & Strategic Alliances, Port Tampa Bay

“Our relationship with Elevate has helped us connect and grow in the Tampa Bay area. Elevate introduced our Executive Leadership Team and Relationship Managers (commercial lenders) to high profile and well-connected business leaders in the community. These introductions led to customers and referral sources.

One of the ways the team at Elevate helped us make connections was through the weekly events they invited our team members to attend. At events, we learned more about the greater Tampa Bay community and connected with other guests.

When we converted our Tampa Loan Production Office to a full service branch location, Elevate planned our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and VIP Reception. Aakash’s relationship with the dignitaries and the “who’s who” of the community allowed us to have all the right people at the event and make it a success.

The relationships that we built with community leaders and business owners, as a result of Elevate’s connections, are just the beginning. We’re confident these relationships will continue to evolve, strengthen, and expand our network throughout the Tampa Bay community.”

Michelle Kounvalong – VP Marketing Director, Sunshine Bank

“Thank you for the extraordinary efforts your Elevate staff delivered in support of Saint Leo.

We are not new to the Tampa Bay Region but with many new members on our team, building new and sustaining mature business relationships, had become a fulltime effort. Our initial briefings with Elevate identified strengths and areas for strength training. It also enabled us to target the kinds of area business relationships we needed most.

I deeply appreciate your full-team coverage approach. It seems there was always another Elevate person, read-in on our strategy, suggesting personal introductions and events. I especially value the monthly after action reviews and your personal advice and counsel.

Please count Saint Leo has a delighted client. ”

Robert T. Quinn – Vice President, Business Development at Saint Leo University

“It has been a pleasure to work with the Elevate team and to work so closely with Aakash. Over the past year, Elevate has helped us understand the importance of social media, targeted networking and engagement in the community. The Elevate team kept open lines of communication and made it a priority to learn about our company’s needs. They were committed to providing us with the tools to make our company the best it can be. Elevate has proven instrumental in our connections with other business owners, and those connections translate to increased business for everyone.”

Asif Hakeem – CEO, Hakeem Investments

“Dobler Consulting Services engaged Elevate, Inc. and we appreciated their assistance in widening our network in the Tampa Bay area.”

Steve Freedman – CFO, Dobler Consulting Services

“Elevate has a strong footprint here in Tampa which they use to facilitate face to face meetings with the individuals you need to grow your business. During our time with Elevate, we were able to venture outside of our normal marketing strategy in order to meet potential clientele that we otherwise wouldn’t have. The usage of Social Media and event attendance gave us a broader platform to increase visibility and ultimately acquire clients.”

André Johnson – Club Manager, Life Time Athletic Tampa

“I’m so glad RenewIV made the choice to work with Elevate. The Elevate team was always communicative and timely. It was great to have RenewIV featured in Elevate’s e-blast on, at least, a monthly basis. The blogs allowed us to reach thousands of people and let them know more about our services. The social media content Elevate shared on their platforms, about RenewIV, definitely extended our reach. We enjoyed attending some key events with the team, and we are thankful for the growth our work with Elevate helped make possible.”


“It was great working with Elevate. We had the chance to cater several events and introduce even more people in the bay area to all of our services, including our Street Surfer Food Truck. We appreciated Elevate’s help in promoting our upcoming events by featuring them in their widely distributed e-blast. The team was also diligent in creating social media content for both Tastes of Tampa Bay and Street Surfer. As business owners, we understand the importance of networking. During our time with Elevate, we were able to attend events that were strategically chosen for our brand and allowed us to meet some key people in Tampa bay.”

Tastes of Tampa Bay

“We truly enjoyed our partnership with Aakash and the Elevate team. Even with over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry, Aakash was still able to introduce us to new, key contacts. The Elevate team was also able to reconfirm existing contacts and past relationships. This was a secondary benefit that paid off more than I could have imagined. The Elevate team jump started our social media presence with email blasts and articles in an effort to showcase and inform others about our recent and upcoming projects. Our project managers learned a great deal from Elevate about the power of strategically networking and utilizing social media. We had a great time attending events with Aakash and the team but, importantly, we were able to meet other business leaders in the area and that is instrumental in helping Precision Painting Group continue its growth.”

Precision Painting Group

“It’s been a privilege being a long-standing Elevate client. Being new to Tampa, Aakash and his team’s ability to quickly embed us into this business community has been invaluable. We’ve been able to connect with hundreds of local executives and have created many valuable business relationships as a result! Hat’s off to Elevate!”

Brett Zingler, Velocity Resource Group

“Integrated Security Consultants began in 2008 as a leading regional supplier of electronic security and low voltage services. In a short amount of time they acquired customers like the NFL (Cameras at 3 Super Bowls) and Walt Disney World (Access Control). Yet despite their regional success and being based in Tampa they had difficulties breaking into the local market.

Partnering with Aakash Patel and his Elevate Team allowed us to meet key business leaders throughout Tampa Bay and introduce our services and products to them. They also helped us hone our marketing message and find key events and business groups to join to help continue our growth and opportunities.”

Kenneth Stewart – President, Integrated Security Consultants

“The decision to partner with Elevate, Inc. provided our firm with new opportunities to continue to expand our outreach within the Tampa Bay business community. Aakash and his team gained an understanding of our team’s development goals and helped create a targeted strategy to reach new contacts to grow our business. Elevate’s presence in the Tampa area allows for introductions to members of the business community that bring leads and opportunities for new business partnerships.”

Andrew Fox, Focus Property, LLC

“We would like to thank Aakash and his team at Elevate for their friendship over the last several years.
His tireless commitment to his clients, his passion to help, and his network of relationships made it easier for us to connect with people important to us , our business and our values. Taking the time to know us, Aakash made the introductions necessary for us to be directly involved in some of the great business-community partnerships within the Greater Tampa Bay area. Thanks again Aakash for all you do for business and the community of the Tampa Bay region!”

Brad Ford – President, Trademark Metals Recycling LLC

“Aakash and his team are very well connected within the Tampa Bay community, and committed to helping businesses succeed. Aakash is an expert at networking and has helped us meet many great people in our community and grow our network. Friendly and professional, I highly recommend working with Elevate, Inc.”

Bart Valdes – Partner, DSK Law

“Aakash and his team of great professionals at Elevate helped transform my business and have taken it to the next level! I would recommend them to anyone. They are your go-to for building lasting relationships in Tampa Bay.”

Zach Abel – Socially Funded, LLC

“I had a great experience working with Elevate, Inc. We had the goal of connecting with hospitality stakeholders to promote our smart hotel technology products for WiFi, television and messaging. Our partnership helped us connect with some great people in the Tampa Bay community and get in front of the right people. Elevate connected us with key AAHOA members and hotel owners and Elevates efforts have helped our business grow. Thanks to Aakash and the team!”

Gautam Swaminathan – Chief Product Officer, Microsense Networks

“Our team was looking to get more connected within the Tampa Bay community and Aakash and his team did not disappoint. Their non-traditional approach helped us to build our network, brand and promote Anchor Glass through various events and social media. Thanks to the Elevate, Inc. team!”

Wendy Larrison – Chief Human Resources Officer, Anchor Glass

“It was a pleasure working with the Elevate team. Their account executives are very professional, knowledgeable and great at networking. They are exceptional! Truly committed to the clients and their individual needs. They are very positive, energetic and accessible and are the best thing about the company. We really appreciate all the work they did for us and their efforts to raise the ANR Clinic profile.”

Olga Medowska – Director of Operations, ANR Clinic


“Our team at RGA, Design was very satisfied with our engagement with Elevate, Inc. Elevate did indeed elevate our presence in the Tampa Bay area. The Elevate team was able to introduce us to some of the most dynamic new businesses in the area and many key players that will be instrumental in helping execute a large project we are working on. We were very pleased with our account executive and the follow through on every commitment. The blogs and social media content written for us were very well constructed and accurately articulated on the topics we wanted featured. Elevate has several dynamic account executives that worked closely with us on introductions, follow ups, and meetings that we had. Overall, we really benefited from all the work that Elevate, Inc. did for us.”

William Henry – Architect, RGA-Design


“Elevate’s entire team is very easy to work with and truly cares about our business’ growth. If you are looking for a great way to get your company exposure in the Tampa Bay market and meet the leaders in the Tampa Bay business community, Elevate will not disappoint.”

Thomas H. Stanton, Esq. – Stanton IP Law Firm, P.A.


“Elevate, Inc’s. business relationship building process and their specialized one-on-one client service has opened doors and created potential opportunities that we wouldn’t have been able to create on our own. If your business would benefit from business relationship building introductions, I highly recommend Elevate, Inc.”

Gary LoDuca – Founder & Owner, Thoughtful Advisors – 401(k) Plan Designs



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“Elevate, Inc. is consistently delivering new strategies for personal and professional growth and has a management team that is more plugged into the community than none I have ever seen. Aakash Patel is the guy to know if you want to speak with that government leader, that radio show, that newspaper—he’s the one!”

‘H’John Mejia - Host - InTheZoneTV

"Bravo to the team at Elevate, Inc. who are consistently proactive in providing connections for the betterment of our business.  Well known and respected in the industry, Elevate has been instrumental in creating new connections with the media and with industry leaders.”

Jason Ashton - CallPass Tech/CallPass M2M Solutions Inc

“Aakash Patel is one of the most talented, thoughtful, and thorough professionals I’ve ever worked with. Intensity and passion for creating useful, stable solutions is unmatched. Every project shines brighter when Aakash Patel is involved.”

Niki Patel, Owner - Ikin Development, Inc

"The team at Elevate, Inc. is excellent at making sustainable, long-term relationships. Through Elevate, I have been connected to incredible business leaders as well as innovators that have assisted in the growth and development of Carmel Kitchen."

Alex Sullivan, Partner - Carmel Kitchen