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January 23, 2018


Intravenous nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. Can you say that three times, fast? How about at all? Though a tongue twister, IV NAD+ can actually help the mind unwind and achieve clarity. As promised, RenewIV Wellness is debuting new IV drips in 2018 and IV NAD+ for brain reboot is among them. Making its appearance in the coming weeks, the drip may be just what you need to maintain your A+ game for the entirety of 2018.

A mini science lesson is in order. Know that NAD+ is found in every single cell of your body. As a helper molecule, NAD+ is always busy participating in biochemical reactions. On the whole, our bodies are efficient at producing sufficient amounts of NAD+. As we age, however, the process can weaken. Further decline can occur because of damage we cause ourselves. Specifically, alcohol and drug use, as well as insufficient sleep, have deleterious effects.


While we can’t turn back the clock and completely undo damage we may have caused to our bodies, there are things we can do to cut through thick mental fog, increase energy, and reboot. We do have another 11 months with those New Year’s resolutions to which we committed ourselves. At RenewIV Wellness, clients can receive a large dose of IV administered NAD+ that will circumvent the digestive system and travel directly into the bloodstream. Why does that matter? It means absorption of NAD+ is improved and, consequently, cell repair more quickly realized. Maybe you’ll feel like you can fly back home, Marvel superhero style, after your RenewIV appointment. Of note, NAD brain reboot involves a time investment of seven hours for three consecutive days. IV administered NAD+, beyond improving energy, can help improve the effects associated with things like stress, anxiety, and depression.

Though your nights of staying up well past midnight and indulging in one too many libations might be distant memories, maybe you know people who are still in the habit of going to bed when you are getting ready to rise. Curtailing late nights and cocktails is certainly the best course of action. IV NAD+ can help, too. It’s no secret that drug and alcohol abuse are damaging to the mind and body. When addiction is a part of the picture, using NAD+ in the treatment and recovery plans can be a better option than using traditional approaches (i.e. prescription drugs) to detox. With IV NAD+ therapy, patients can more quickly experience the effects of needed cell repair and use the increased mental clarity to help them focus on recovery efforts. For those who may have had an isolated night of too many happy hour specials, an NAD+ drip can help with the effects of a hangover.

You might find it interesting that there is no consensus on just what causes a hangover. While many of us attribute it to dehydration, it’s not fully understood if that is the case. Studies about the causes and intricacies of hangovers abound, and findings are as varied as the options of craft beers available these days. Some theorize that NAD+ is involved in the body’s work to metabolize alcohol; that is, NAD+ is transformed to NADH. The resulting low levels of NAD+ and high levels of NADH mean that important functions, like an electrolyte balance, are thrown off. Perhaps, then, a high dose of IV NAD+ can help nix the hangover by bringing metabolic harmony back into the scene. You’ve gone the sports drink route, so why not try something new this year?

Emerging Trends

NAD+ for brain reboot shows promise for brain diseases and brain aging. Sadly, many athletes, whether they play football or other contact sports and at both the youth and professional levels, experience multiple concussions. Studies have shown that NAD+ therapy can significantly decrease ischemic brain injury—insufficient blood flow to the brain. NAD+ for brain reboot is also showing efficacious in working against diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. It has been shown that NAD+ therapy can thwart cellular aging and play a part in combating neurodegenerative diseases. This is exciting, promising work in the medical community and RenewIV is proud to be on the cusp of these important advancements.

Renew for Wellness with IV   

RenewIV Wellness is located at 4401 W Kennedy Boulevard. The team is committed to helping all clients reach their optimum lifestyle. Custom IV drips are available. Contact them today to discuss how IV NAD+ for reboot can help you exceed your goals for 2018 by improving energy and clarity.



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