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RevStar Consulting Welcomes Andy Thach

November 5, 2019

Andy Thach is a Florida native, born in Saint Petersburg Florida. He is Laotion 1st generation American. Andy enlisted in the Marine Corps when he was 17. While serving Andy learned various languages, took numerous courses on leadership and team building at ECU, College of Charleston, SPC, USF, depending on where he was stationed at the time. Andy is very passionate about giving back to the community and is involved in teaching Judo to the local kids in the area. During his time teaching Judo, Andy noticed that “everyone I was teaching was healing from injuries at a different rate of speed. So, this curiosity leads me to going back to school and pursue a career in the healthcare industry. I became a traveling therapist specializing in neuromuscular and neurosomatic therapy. I wanted to educate the public on common issues dealing with health. I wanted to bridge the gap between western medicine and eastern medicine.”  Andy worked multiple years in physical therapy clinics, chiropractors’ offices, public events, etc. teaching and educating about posture, daily exercises, stretches, different modalities and techniques people could do to alleviate pain and help with pain management.

Eventually, Andy transitioned to the Insurance industry in order to expand the scale of assistance he could provide. During that time, Andy took additional courses in financial management and account at SPC to further his expertise in the industry. He worked with industry leaders such as AIG, Transamerica, Mutual of Omaha, Metropolitan Life, Northwestern Mutual, & Prudential Life and received various certifications through his work.

Andy was approached by Zach Senz-Kamler and Ken Pomella (CEO) with an offer to join the RevStar Consulting team. He had this to say about the two “I’ve known Zach and Ken for a few years now. They are great people. To me now they are more than just friends, they are family. I fell in love with the vision they saw. I wanted to help people, but I didn’t know how to best do that before. Now I get to help build people’s dreams. I get to see the whole process of start to finish whether it’s a website or a custom web or mobile application. I love the gratification of knowing I’m helping out others in our community. I’m seeing our work out in public for people to enjoy & I’m seeing the wonderful relationships we are building. It gives me pride to know that we are affecting change in more lives than I could ever have before.

I have been working with RevStar Consulting for almost three months now, and while our company is ten years old, this past year has brought about some radical changes. Ken and Zach have been the best of mentors to me and I’m forever grateful. My goal is to continue helping people to chase their dreams & to help bring their ideas to life so that the Tampa Bay that we all love continues to thrive and flourish.

One day at a time, one person at a time, one dream at a time, I will be a part of helping everyone around the area’s dreams become reality.”

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