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Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Four Tips for a Successful Relationship

April 17, 2018

Velocity Resource Group is expert at building relationships with clients so that the talent acquisition process is positive and seamless for all parties involved. As an industry leader, VRG is committed to sharing its knowledge so that both potential and current clients can make more informed decisions about myriad facets of recruiting. One of the areas the VRG team is focused on increasing understanding about is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). Here, uncover how to support a successful RPO relationship. 

Successful RPO

At its core, RPO can be understood as a kind of business process outsourcing. Specifically, when an organization decides to delegate either all or parts of its recruitment tasks to an outside provider. For example, delegating front-end tasks of your recruitment process to Velocity Resource Group. When there is internal agreement to utilize RPO, the following are instrumental in ensuring its success:

  1. Specificity: once an organization has reached consensus about an RPO provider, it must be transparent and specific about recruiting goals and how the RPO will meet them. When there isn’t specificity, action plans are at least partially grounded in assumptions and those tend to yield negative outcomes for all kinds of relationships. Brett Zingler, VRG’s VP of Operations, put it this way, “We guide clients to be as specific as possible with us because we aim to provide recruiting solutions that are tailored to each client’s needs. Our approach with company A is not necessarily our approach with company B, even if they’re in the same industry.” Specific goals help keep everyone focused and specific action plans help keep everyone accountable.
  2. Commit to collaborate: RPO’s success hinges on a provider-client relationship that is intentional and collaborative. VRG’s Zingler shared, “It’s about strategizing together. Ongoing communication is paramount.” Strategy building is most productive when the RPO provider understands the client’s company culture as well as its current and projected needs. The VRG team demonstrates a commitment to collaborate through things like the tools they use to gather feedback from clients throughout the talent acquisition process. VRG’s role in the provider-client relationship transcends simply filling positions as they open up.
  3. More than money: While all businesses need to earn money and be profitable, RPO must be viewed as more than a line item taken on for the sole purpose of saving money. Zingler expressed, “We believe our recruiting solutions add value to our clients’ organizations because we provide positive candidate experiences, build a candidate pipeline, and bolster clients’ presence in a variety of outlets.” The RPO provider is not a coupon for talent acquisition. Rather, it’s a person or team of people who enter into a relationship with the client in order to help the client secure both sustainable value and growth. The provider-client relationship thrives when the RPO becomes intertwined with the client’s company and has deep understanding of its culture and complexities—and there is tremendous value in that.
  4. Big picture thinking: It’s easy to become shortsighted. RPO relationships are most fruitful when they are long term and both client and provider maintain a big picture mindset. Of course, clients might court RPO providers because there is an immediate need. But, the two must commit to a relationship that extends beyond a candidate’s hiring period. VRG’s Zingler stated, “We keep lines of communication open with candidates after they are hired because we want to understand their perceived strengths and weaknesses of the process so that we can continue growing and adapting.” Beyond that, a big picture mindset means using data in meaningful ways. VRG uses data to help clients identify gaps and make strategic improvement plans. Together, these things contribute to a big picture of candidates that are placed for the long term and a provider-client relationship marked by continuous consideration of a constellation of talent acquisition factors.    

VRG for Successful RPO

Velocity Resource Group’s talent acquisition experts understand that humans and relationships are complicated. They set the standard in talent acquisition because they know how to forge, nurture, and sustain long-term relationships with organizations of all sizes as well as the candidates organizations are looking to hire. The decision to partner with VRG for recruiting processes results in added value, more time, and candidate pipelines. Leave the messy, futile relationships for reality TV. A healthy, RPO relationship with VRG awaits.


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