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Lisa Subianto’s Transformational Healthy Life Style Change

October 24, 2017

Life Time Athletic is a privately held company with the passion to promote and provide comprehensive a healthy living, healthy aging, and healthy entertainment lifestyle. The goal at Life Time is to deliver both a personalized as well as a scientific approach to long-term health and wellness.

It sounds nice, but what does that mean to be a member at this state-of-the-art facility? The best way to understand the benefits of being a member is to ask one about their experience. For more information about the club, I spoke with Lisa Subianto, a 41 year old surgeons’ assistant.


What was your motivation for joining a gym?

One day my brother told me if anything ever happened to his wife or himself, he wanted me to take and raise his two small children. I truly panicked because I could hardly bend over to bathe them never mind run around after them due to my weight. His children became my greatest motivator to lose weight and create a healthier life style for myself.


Before learning about Life Time Athletic, what were you looking for in a gym?

Convenience. I was looking for a gym with easy access before and after work. What I got was so much more. The team at Life Time helped me identify my challenges and helped me figure out my goals from a three pronged approach: scientific, physical and emotional point of view. Justin Barriball, my personal trainer, was the pivotal piece that brought everything together for me. Small dietary steps began with eliminating soy, gluten and sugar from my diet. Justin designed a work- out plan that was low impact and included a cardiovascular element as well. The plan was manageable enough for me to build up my strength and improve my cardiovascular stamina.


What are the results of your healthy life style change?

After 1.5 years of working out 6 days a week, I have lost over 150 lbs. The team at Life Time helped me accomplish this goal. The trainers, to a great extent, work as a team and I appreciate their multi-discipline approach: Liz Wilson, dietician, is always available for advice on any nutrition related questions I have; Janet Clemmensen, Pilates instructor, has taught me how to use my core to activate muscles to be stronger in Alpha (Olympic lifting and metabolic conditioning) while Eric Heins, has led workshops to breakdown the nuances of Olympic lifting. With additional speed and agility classes led by Justin, Terry Cude and Tedovious Fletcher, I maintain a well-rounded routine by taking few yoga and Pilates classes for “active recovery” workouts. Justin loves to work with individuals like myself. He has worked at Life Time for 6 years and holds a degree in Kinesiology. A former athlete, Justin injured his knee, which resulted in weight gain and the struggle to lose the weight. Justin is an invaluable resource regarding which diet plans work may or may not work for you. Having tried many first hand, he also keeps current with those he has not and stresses what is “right” for one individual may not be “right” for another. This is just another example of personalizing a member’s experience to fit them.


How has my routine work out changed over time?

Day one assessment had me on the verge of passing out after 10 sit-stands (literally sitting on a chair height box and standing, sitting, then standing). I did personal training 3 – 4 times a week with Justin, then progressed to Bootcamp 3 days and 1:1 with Justin for 2. Eventually I added Alpha (2 days/week) and continued with Bootcamp. While Justin and I don’t have PT anymore, he does lead the group Alpha and Bootcamp classes I take and continues to be actively involved in helping me identify and reach that next goal.

Life Time also offers barre, spin classes, Yoga and Tai Chi. They hold frequent workshops that focus on “intros” to foam rolling, TRX or kettlebells. They also have special workouts that are followed by social events giving their members a variety to their work out routines and an opportunity to catch up with one another.


How does Life Time’s services and amenities compare traditional gyms?

Life Time is the best facility in the area. They facilitate goal-based challenges to assist members in reaching goals. The staff are truly amazing, knowledgeable professionals. The trainers are all certified instructors in addition to holding degrees in Sports Medicine, kinesiology, nutrition, etc. Once hired, the trainers undergo additional intensive educational training session with Life Time.

The fitness equipment is cutting-edge, the locker rooms are fully equipped with amenities. Additionally, there is a whirlpool, steam room and sauna. I love to use them after a hard work- out. Everything at life Time is clean and hygienic with constant staff servicing.

The facility has a hair salon and a café. The café provides high quality tasteful shakes and nutritional food.

Besides the fitness and nutrition aspect, I can come into Life Time and utilize its business center, which includes Wi-Fi.

When you enter Life Time, it does not have that gym odor so many of us are too familiar with. It smells like a spa. Given all the amenities it offers, it is truly a gem of a fitness facility.


What is your new goal?

I want to be able to physically do pull ups. Justin has me performing additional exercises to help me accomplish this goal.

Thanks to Life Time, I am now taking active, bucket list vacations. I recently traveled to Machu Picchu in Peru with 2 other Life Time members and hiking the Incan Trail would not have been possible without the level of fitness I’ve reached because of Life Time.

It is clear that Life Time offers more than just a gym, but the facility curates and helps members to maintain a healthy life style or reach any fitness goals. Because it is vital to invest in health and wellness, Life Time offers passes to try out the facility. If interested in more information, feel free to reach out to Tiffany Cude to obtain pass for a few days:

Tiffany Cude
Account Manager
[email protected]
(813) 513-7016

Check out Life Time Fitness for yourself by following Life Time on Facebook and Twitter!


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