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Life Time Athletic Joins #TeamElevate!

July 5, 2017

When you think of the gym, you probably think of an overcrowded room with machines covered in sweat and an overwhelming smell of dirty feet. Life Time Athletic, a national club located at International Plaza in Tampa, is aiming to change this perception and get people excited about living a healthy lifestyle.

The intimidation of the gym setting for most people can be a huge deterrent or another excuse to skip out on working out. Life Time Athletic doesn’t take your money and push you onto the club floor with a “Good luck!”. During sign-up, the membership coordinator goes through your goals and makes sure you get in front of a trainer who will give you advice to help you achieve those goals.

Life Time Athletic offers memberships for both individual and corporations. This particular location is a “Diamond” club, which means the amenities are incredible! To start, all members have access to unlimited free classes including yoga, cycling, and studio fitness. There are optional paid classes as well such as Pilates and a variety of team classes. There are a plethora of exercise machines and equipment (that all look brand new!) available in the main club area and are kept clean by staff at all times.

After breaking a sweat (or not, depending on your workout style!), members can access private showers where shampoo, conditioner, shave cream, and razors are available. Amenities in the locker room don’t stop there. There are a steam room, sauna, and whirlpool to relax in prior to or after a long day of work. Don’t worry about having to bring all your style tools to manage wet hair because there are several hairdryers available.

Do you have some time to kill in between the end of your workout and a meeting? That gives you the perfect opportunity to check out the LifeSpa, Life Café, and Business Center. The Life Spa gives you the chance to feel as amazing on the outside as you do on the outside with hair treatments, nail care, skin care, and massage therapy. After a little pampering, curb your hunger with all healthy food options provided by the Life Café. From light snacks, to incredible salads, its easy to find something for everyone. Finally, stop sending important work emails from your fine by popping into the business center for a quick, or long, break. Members have access to free Wi-Fi and can even invite clients to join them for meetings in the relaxing and quiet space.

You may be wondering what the heck to do with your little ones while you’re sweating, pampering, eating, or even grocery shopping. Life Time Athletic offers up to three hours of childcare every day for children older than three months. Children are divided by age and are provided with fun classes to keep them occupied that range from art all the way to karate.

The amenities above barely scratch the surface of what Life Time Athletic has to offer their clientele. To learn more about Life Time Athletic, visit their Tampa location at International Plaza or get in touch with them.

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