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Avorit #Elevates CGCircuit

October 8, 2019

As a CEO and entrepreneur, do you sometimes feel like you are hitting an invisible ceiling or get the feeling that you may be missing the forest for the trees?  Cutting-edge tech firm CGCircuit’s CEO felt that way when they were introduced to Brian Sallee at Avorit. is where CG artists and technical artists learn the latest industry techniques from the people who use them in the production of blockbuster films, video games and animation. Tutorials and courses are created, shared and sold between industry veterans and beginners who are looking to get real world training on things like rigging, Applied Houdini, modeling, animation, coding, and more.   With an innovative growth model, it was time to scale.

Brian Sallee’s executive coaching techniques truly made an impact on the CEO of CGCircuit and helped him to successfully grow his business. One-on-one meetings helped reframe the strategy and execution of the firm as it was looking to accelerate growth.  CGCircuit has been able to successfully scale their business with the help of Avorit. How?

“We followed our unique “Disruptive Growth” strategy and it worked! It’s a combination of looking at the tried & true metrics that drive all tech-centric business, and layering that with the unique angle that a given business has.” – Brian Sallee, Avorit CEO.

By implementing a solid growth strategy, it was only a matter of months before new users, revenue, and margins saw significant improvements.

“I can clearly see a difference in the way CGCircuit operates since we started working together – among other things, our profitability and growth has increased noticeably just in the first few months” – Carlo Sansonetti, CGCircuit CEO

With the model in place, the sky (or forest, if you will) is now the only limitation for

Avorit offers growth hacking, executive coaching, marketing advice, strategy, and inbound marketing. Discover more at

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