Welcome to Elevate, Inc.

This document will equip you with actions needed to allow us to work together effectively and efficiently.

We look forward to helping you learn, connect, and grow!


Please provide us with a brief introduction paragraph of who you are and what your organization offers.

During your time with Elevate we will complete strategic introductions to help your organization grow.

Introductions are completed at both events and via email. When completing introductions via email we will use your introduction paragraph to land a concrete meeting with the individual.

  • Example includes:

“Good afternoon Seema,

            Aakash would like to introduce you to Taylor and Sonya Ranker. Taylor is the Founder and President of Questmont, the Virtual Family Office.  Sonya is the Director of Family Office Services and Personal CFO.

            Questmont is the only Virtual Family Office in the Tampa Bay area and has been helping clients here for over two decades. Due to the growth of demand for their services, they have launched their first physical branch here on August 1, 2020.

            Questmont works with select families to coordinate and simplify their “scattered buckets of wealth” and lighten their load.  As a business owner and leader, ask yourself this question: “When was the last time your financial advisor, CPA, lawyer and insurance broker got in a room together and worked on nothing but your concerns?”

            With that being said, Aakash & I thought it would be a great idea for you all to have a call or meeting. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do to assist!”

Newsletter Action Items

The ‘welcome blog’ will be the first blog post Elevate, Inc. will create on your organizations behalf.

  • This blog will include:
    • Description of your organization (background, services, portfolio)
    • Community involvement
    • Quote (if provided)
    • Additional, specific items to include should be provided to your Account Executive

Elevate, Inc’s newsletter is sent out every other Wednesday where we highlight new information about your organization through blog posts, featured articles, images, video links, and more.

  • You will provide:
    • Three topics every month (first blog post will be a welcome blog, so we only need 2 topics for the starting month)
      • Topics can align with specific organization events, a few examples include:
        • Events you are sponsoring or attending
        • New hires and interns
        • Featured articles of your organization
      • Two of the three topics at the beginning of each month
      • Final approval of blog/content

Social Media Handles

Provide social media handles to your Account Executive, if applicable.

  • Only provide the handles that our team is creating content for
  • This will ease the transition of receiving social media posts on time (second Friday of every month)

High-Resolution Logo

Email your Account Executive a high-resolution company logo that can be used on our website, newsletter, and social media posts.

  • Logos need to be at least 300px
  • Resolution needs to be 300dpi for high res & 72dpi for web use

Strategy Session

At the beginning of each month, a strategy session will be held with you and Elevate, Inc.

  • This session will determine goals for the month (future connections, social media content, events)
  • Your strategy sessions will be coordinated with your Account Executive prior to the beginning of each month
  • Let your Account Executive know your target audience/client segment. This allows us to efficiently and effectively connect you with people who can expand your organization.

Commitment to Elevate, Inc.

The Elevate, Inc. team is committed to expanding your organization’s network throughout the Tampa Bay area. A 10-hour monthly commitment to Elevate, Inc. is suggested to provide you with the assets your organization needs to Learn, Connect, and Grow!

  • Below are a few ways we will leverage this time:
    • Networking events
    • Meeting with requested connections
    • Facebook live events
    • Following up on introduction emails
    • Monthly Strategy Session

Payment Information

  • First payment is due on the Effective (start) Date
  • Subsequent monthly payments are due on the first day of each calendar month
  • Payment options include:
  • Checks
    • Payable to Elevate, Inc.
    • Mailed to 4202 West Carmen Street #5, Tampa, FL 33609
  • ACH Deposits
    • Vendor name: Elevate, Inc.
    • Bank: Pilot Bank Tampa, Florida
    • Routing #: 063113028
    • Account #: 2132565
  • Late Fees
    • If payment is not made within 10 days of the due date, there will be an additional fee of $150.00

Elevate, Inc. is excited to have you on our team!
Let’s #ElevateTampa together!

Please provide your Account Executive with your organization’s point of contact (who from your organization should we work with regarding company information, event attendance, and other inquiries?)


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“Aakash Patel, Chris Melvin and the rest of the Elevate team simply delivered. The connections Aakash made led to valuable relationships for me and new clients for RevStar. You can’t fully appreciate what Elevate can do for your business until you experience it first hand. I personally recommend their services to anybody looking to grow their network and business within the Tampa Bay community.”

Ken Pomella, PMP – CEO, RevStar Consulting

“If you’re looking to dive into the who’s who of Tampa Bay, Elevate, Inc. is the only way to go. Elevate worked closely with Tampa Bay Plumbers to help us get our foot in the door with the right business and community circles to help us grow. We appreciated Aakash Patel & Chris Melvin’s professionalism, attention to detail, and willingness to go over and above to provide us a quality service. The contacts through Elevate are numerous and professionally beneficial and the staff is always available to us. We enjoyed working with the Elevate team and will definitely keep them in mind for our future business needs.”

April Diemer – Tampa Bay Plumbers

“Working with Aakash and his team at Elevate was a great fit for our growing organization. His team helped us connect with key influencers across the region and identify opportunities. Together you work to define your goals and who you’re targeting and through their connections and network they can make warm introductions to the decisions makers you need to connect with.”

Chon Nguyen – Founder & CEO, Newgentek

“Elevate, Inc’s. business relationship building process and their specialized one-on-one client service has opened doors and created potential opportunities that we wouldn’t have been able to create on our own. If your business would benefit from business relationship building introductions, I highly recommend Elevate, Inc.”

Gary LoDuca – Founder & Owner, Thoughtful Advisors – 401(k) Plan Designs