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ICTC as Priatek, LLC’s Contract Manufacturer

July 19, 2016

ICTC is a Full Service Contract Manufacturer of custom wire harnesses, cable assemblies, printed circuit board assemblies and electronic box builds. ICTC is manufacturing Priatek’s flagship product and is currently Priatek, LLC’s contract manufacturer hired to build Priatek’s interactive advertising kiosk box based on its engineered designs and specifications. Priatek is a company that designs and manages custom prize promotions for local and national businesses under its “in2win” brand. In2win is a revolutionary platform that allows companies to interact, engage, and market products through a network of touchscreen kiosks located in high-traffic locations. On the free in2win mobile app, it offers prizes and discounts off of popular consumer products and services.

Read Case StudyIn order to manufacture Priatek’s electronic products, ICTC custom manufactures all electronic cables and assemblies while gathering other parts locally, domestically and from all over the world. This procedure in turn helps cut costs for each client being served. ICTC then verifies that all parts meet specific quality standards with an incoming inspection, days or weeks before final assembly production is scheduled, all to ensure the client will receive a high quality product and on-time delivery.

With this being said, Milind Bharvirkar, President of Priatek, LLC states,

“ICTC has exceeded our expectations as a valued manufacturing partner. Their team of manufacturing experts has delivered on their promise to produce the highest quality kiosk, which has allowed my team and I to focus on creating the ultimate user experience on the kiosk and mobile app.”

Priatek’s final kiosk boxes will consist of 55-inch touch screen monitors, cameras, speakers, a computer, cables and wires, TCBAS circuit board with all the tips on it, credit card reader, and a printer (for coupons). Additionally, ICTC prides itself on providing products exactly to the client’s specifications without deviation. Once the first unit has completed assembly, Priatek will inspect and sign off on the products for approval in order for ICTC to continue production on the items.

Contingent upon Priatek’s approval of the first article unit, ICTC will replicate the same manufacturing process for future production of the same units. Because ICTC provides the best in quality assurance, both during the manufacturing process and when production is completed, ICTC’s quality inspectors will verify that the production is following the quality plan and working correctly at the end of the line. If the box is working properly, the quality inspectors will then sign off on it, record all associated serial numbers, and ship the kiosk packages out to the Priatek locations they desire. Priatek will launch in the Tampa Bay area in August 2016. The in2win kiosks will be located in malls, hotels and other public venues across the country. Additionally, Priatek provides its prize kiosks at no charge to retail locations (on revenue share) and then utilizes these prizes promotions that attract consumers to their businesses.

The “in2win” is transforming the way brands attract and connect with consumers, thus, revolutionizing the retail experience with a very unique and groundbreaking business model. With the development of this interactive advertising kiosk, Priatek’s business will grow and create a wealth of opportunity for the company as well as the industry. Thus, as Priatek’s Contract Manufacturer, ICTC in turn, will also parallel their growth in Priatek’s success. Ultimately, new high-tech companies bring quality, skilled jobs within many industries such as manufacturing, which in turn provides value to many businesses within the community.

For more information, visit ICTC USA as well as Priatek’s website!

Also, follow ICTC USA on Twitter!


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