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DoorBird Is Here!

July 5, 2017

Easy Living with Technology partners with the best products and technology to provide the utmost quality and comfort for your home. One of these is the German-made, DoorBird, which is a best selling IP Video Door Station. This unique high-tech doorbell completely changes the game in home automation.

DoorBird allows you to answer your doorbell from anywhere in the world. You can see your visitors, speak with them, and open the door by using your smartphone or tablet. DoorBird has a high-end 180° infrared motion sensor that can alert you or light up the front yard before the visitor has rung the doorbell. Not only is DoorBird convenient, it is much safer for your home. DoorBird records all interaction, and provides peace-of-mind as to who is ringing your doorbell, plus you can interact with the visitor wherever you are.

DoorBird has a guarantee for the highest levels of quality and production standards with a chic design including high quality stainless steel models. It is temperature-resistant and withstands less than -4°F to over 104°F, and also includes rainwater protection. DoorBird works though advanced encryption technologies by connecting itself to your Internet router using Wi-Fi or through an Ethernet cable.

DoorBird offers a wide range of compelling advantages that other products on the market cannot compare to. It allows for multiple users, cloud recording, free visitor history with HD-image, two-way audio, easy installation, HD-video and hemispheric lens, easy installation, minimum recommended Internet upstream bandwidth, and more.

With Easy Living, DoorBird can become the newest addition to your home. When it comes to state-of-the art products, you can trust Easy Living to install and integrate all your technology with its team of top Designers, Engineers, Installers and Service Professionals. They continuously strive to provide a great experience and exceptional service.


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