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Elevate, Inc. ("Elevate") is a Florida-based strategic business development consulting firm providing a multitude of services. Whether you are looking to expand your public relations efforts, community relations activities, or general marketing endeavors, the Elevate team has the talent, experience, and resources to meet and exceed your organization’s goals.

We live by the mantra Learn, Connect, Grow.

Through our unique relationship based approach, we set ourselves apart from our competitors. Browse through our site and find out how the Elevate team can take your business to the next level!


"Elevate Inc, Aakash Patel, Lauren Albert and team have been phenomenal to work with. They do a great job of connecting individuals both professionally and personally to increase brand awareness, visibility and accessibility in the greater Tampa marketplace. We strongly recommend partnering with them for any companies or individuals looking to expand their circle of influence in the Greater Tampa Area. "

Jason Ashton • CallPass Tech/CallPass M2M Solutions Inc


"Aakash Patel and the Elevate team have a great formula to provide success and establish long standing relationships. My time spent within the local business community has never been more rewarding. Elevate’s comprehensive program enabled me to refine existing efforts and develop new areas of representation. The customized approach Elevate was able to successfully implement allowed me to develop a more focused and meaningful social network. Simply put; the strategic direction and relationships developed are invaluable and now fundamental parts of my practice. "

Lauren Silva • Silva & Associates


"Bravo to the team at Elevate, Inc. who are consistently proactive in providing connections for the betterment of our business.  Well known and respected in the industry, Elevate has been instrumental in creating new connections with the media and with industry leaders.  The contacts through Elevate are numerous and professionally beneficial.  The staff is always available to us.  We enjoyed working with the Elevate team and will definitely keep them in mind for our future business needs." - John C Garcia • World Wide Medical Services Inc

"After meeting Aakash Patel, Lauren Albert and the rest of the team, it wasn’t long before I too became another one of their many happy clients. Whether we are out at events or casually sitting at Oxford Exchange, the Elevate team is always promoting our brand, and it pays off! If you're looking to dive into the who's who of Tampa Bay, Elevate, Inc. is the only way to go. They have helped mold and develop a strategy at Trinity Graphic to encourage thinking out of the box. Key introductions have been made to introduce us to business that are in the market for our creative services. Simply put, our desire for additional exposure has been met due to the efforts of Elevate."

Greg Barba • Trinity Graphic


"Continental Wholesale Diamonds is pleased to announce that we have signed a renewal contract with Team Elevate.  We have been very pleased with the exposure that Team Elevate has been able to help us achieve, it has put our company in the spotlight in many important areas of Tampa.  Aakash and Lauren are easy to contact and always available. There are very few people that Aakash does not know in Tampa and just as important, they know him.  We are thrilled to continue on this journey with Team Elevate helping us to expand our network." - Andrew Meyer • Continental Wholesale Diamonds

"Aakash and his team plugged me into the community and immediately expanded my social circles with targeted introductions to high-level prospects. It would have taken me a decade to make these connections on my own." - Shawn Rhodes • President of Shoshin Consulting


"Aakash and his staff made it easy for me to expand my business circle and acquire new business as a pro photographer, I am indebted to them for opening new doors. Because of Elevate, Inc., I have a discovered a deep appreciation for this great city of Tampa and its vibrant business community!" - Rick Tauceda • Photographer